ABOUT Enhance Money

Meet The Founder

The Enhance Money is promoted by Mr Javahar KP, an entrepreneur, MBA, CFP and moreover an Ex Service Man. The company is in the field of Financial and Wealth Management services for past 25 years and managing assets under worth more than 10,000 cores and as of now, managing the portfolio of 3000 highly satisfied clients across India and abroad. Also, Mr. Javahar KP is a guest faculty in various financial institutions like Banks, various insurance/financial institutions etc. He also regularly conducts lecture and presentation on financial planning in various defense establishments across India over the past 25 years.

Our Team

Our team invests in synergy, seek out and join forces with progressive companies and smart investors who want to be part of a dynamic partnership – a partnership that has the power to fuel innovation, to infuse new energy into our communities, and to create new wealth for everyone involved.
Our experts analyze your basic financial goals – elements such as needs and desires, your experiences, your status in life and your current net worth and then advise an optimal solution.

Our Core Values

  • Research and advice

  • Tax Saving & goverment Schemes

  • Fixed Income Schemes

  • Insurance(Life and General) Products

  • Public Issuse & Equity of Debt

  • Mutual Funds

Our Growth

When you choose Enhance Money, you take the first step towards ensuring financial success. At Enhance Money, you are never just a single individual looking to grow your wealth. Enhance Money is a little more than just a wealth  service.We are a partner. A partner who disburse the time to understand your financial needs.
A partner who takes ownership of your financial goals and does everything it can to ensure you reach them. At Enhance Money, We work harder to enhance your Wealth.

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Mr. Javahar KP (Founder & CEO)

Enhance Money (Enhance  Services Limited) is a Post Graduate in Management and CFA. Born in Calicut, Kerala and started his career in The Army for a brief period and subsequently entered into financial. He has vast experience as consultant in financial planning and portfolio management. His Armed Forces background is evident from the meticulous planning and professional ethos of the company. Presently, he is one of the top most financial advisors in Central India on the basis of assets under  of more than 3000 crores. He has expanded his reach pan-India with branches at Mysore, Pune and arrangements at all other cities across the Country. He also has presence overseas in N C USA, since 2015. He has a client base of over 3500 investors across the country and abroad in different asset class, managed through website www.enhancemoney.com. He was recently awarded “MR DEPENDABLE” Title by Wealth Forum. He has been on the expert’s panel of print and T.V media channels including Doordarshan. He was also a guest faculty of Central Bank of India Officers training college and deliver lecture and presentation including defense services Institutes. He is in the Panel of Advisors of Retiring Defense officers at New Delhi. Married to Jayashree Javahar, An Officer with Life Insurance Corporation who recently resigned to join Enhance Money. Blessed with two daughters Jeena and Jiya, Jeena is preparing for competitive exams and Jiya is on 9th standard.

It’s been almost over seventeen years since I took the first step and ventured into this field of finance. I had a very humble beginning with least personal financial gain and more care for the valued investors who reposed faith in my financial skill. My service in the Armed Forces was handy to me for this kind of perseverance, hard work and earning the trust of my investors. Over the years, my investors gained in a systematic and consistent manner, thereby enjoying growth to their capital. I have been able to adopt my clientele in to a big family, sharing their good times as well bad times in life. My service to them and their faith in me, both have been steady and growing. Consistent ethical practices have been the hall mark of my success.


We are a Financial and Wealth Management company. We have been functioning for the past 25 years. We have managed assets under  amounting to more than 10,000 crores. We boast of having a healthy track record of managing the portfolio of 3,000 highly satisfied clients across India and abroad. Our founder Mr Javahar KP is an ex-serviceman and is now an established entrepreneur.